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This is Mukul, a Top rated Upwork freelancer with over 10  years of experience in Image editing. Have an advanced knowledge on photoshop and also a qualify designer. I am a target oriented professional who can turn a pebble in to a diamond.
I maintain a healthy balance between aesthetic impact and functionality in all of my design concepts. I have worked with clients from Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.
However,I am very much sincere to my profession. Client satisfaction is my highest priority. I love what I do and truly take pride in producing the high quality work as well as great customer service to my clients. You will get my full attention, fast responses, continuous work until completion without delays.
I have also a Very High Quality team to work with me. Our highly skilled support staff is available 24 hours a day. We helped thousands of customers all over the world, Saving time and money by offering high quality service.

About US | Pro Photoshop Expert Team profile(UK) JOPH HORD (PARTNER FROM UK)

Hey I’m Joph, I’ve been designer for 20 years and have been running my company Joph Broadcast Graphics Ltd since 2007 and various other ventures along the way.

I design in many different sectors such as: TV, WEB, Print, Social Media, Clothing, Apps, Branding & Marketing for Startups and SME’s I am an idea’s man at heart and will always find several solutions for you,

I am considered by many as a functional designer and will always stick to the plan, please get in contact, I’d be glad to help!


Material Girl, Vogue Britain, AnastasieLingerie, Harper Collins, Littlewoods,MacMillan, Goldsmiths Jewlery.

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