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Base clipping path

Pen tool background removal around objects with good contrast and not complicated shape. Color correction and RAW conversion are not included.

Special rates for large batches and recurring orders. Request a quote

Advanced Pricing

Full package. PEN TOOL clipping path. Objects with complicated shape, fur, hair, transparent or

low contrast items, not even (gray studio) background. Shadow or reflection adding. Service can

include any additional editing such as color correction, RAW conversion, retouching, etc.

Basic (e. g. Mobile, Can)                                                               $0.25

Simple (e.g. Wallet, Sunglass)                                                     $0.65

Compound (e.g. Bag, Shoe, T-shirt)                                           $1.00

Extra Compound (e.g. Furniture)                                               $2.00

Complex (e.g. Flower, Jewelry)                                                    $3.25

Super Complex (e.g. Cycle)                                                           $4.25

Clipping Path with Drop Shadow                                                $1.25

Clipping Path with Masking                                                         $1.75


Professional  Portrait Retouching:

Gentle face retouching, wrinkles and crows feet smoothing, eye bags removal and teeth whitening without traces of editing. Neat double neck reduction and flyaway hair removal. Color correction and photo quality enhancement.

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Business portrait retouching

Face slimming, blemishes and wrinkles softening, eye bags removal, flyaway and grey hair correction, skin shine removal. Teeth whitening and aligning, neck and clothing correction.

Changing backdrop to even or studio background. Get natural looking, attractive closeup business portrait for CV, LinkedIn or documents with Retouch!

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Body shaping and rejuvenation

Rejuvenation, extra weight removal, arm thinning. Includes everything from previous option. Complex quality improvement. Background corrections and other manipulations possible.
from $8

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Base photo correction

Red eye removal, noise reduction, overall contrast and brightness enhancement, sharpening.

[village_button link=””] $4/image order »[/village_button] [village_button link=””] Free-Trial »[/village_button]

Complex photo enhancement

Local color and contrast enhancement, photo-montage if needed – quoted hourly

[village_button link=””] ($35/hour) order »[/village_button] [village_button link=””] Free-Trial »[/village_button].

Easy photo restoration

Minor stains, dust, scratches, cracks, creases, and tear cleaning. Restore slight photo fading or discoloration


[village_button link=””] ($20/hour) order »[/village_button] [village_button link=””] Free-Trial »[/village_button].

Medium photo restoring

Moderate dirt and damages cleaning, repair small missing parts, moderate color correction.


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Restoration of big missing parts, face, complex manipulations with people or background, severe fog, unsharping, and discoloring restore.


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**Do you have an extremely bad image for enhancement? Please, note that some limits of digital photo enhancement exist. Sharp extremely blurred photos and we cannot recover details on smoothed photos. We cannot enlarge small pictures (for indistinct faces recognition, for example). We cannot offer detail recovery in extremely dark or absolutely white sections of photos. 


Simple photo manipulation

Face, dress, or background change, people eliminating, adding simple objects, etc. Mostly on amateur photographs.

from $15/image

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Moderate montage

Photo-montages for professional and commercial purposes. Complex merging of objects from some pictures, background changing, shadow adding, object completion, and so on. from $45//image

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Extra complex projects

Quoted hourly.


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Simple cases

Objects with no transparent parts and people with no disheveled hair. Simple shadow drawing and no relightening.


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Moderate change of a background

High resolution studio shots. Disheveled hair, transparent parts of objects, complex light and shadow redrawing, and geometry manipulations.


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Custom-made projects

Quoted hourly.


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Photo coloring service

Price depends on number of people, detailing, and background complexity.


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Base prepress

Color balance troubleshooting, exposure and saturation adjustment, noise reduction. Preparation for printing or web publishing.


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Professional color correction

Detailed color balance, skin tone, density and saturation adjustment, sharpening, and overall photo enhancement. Profile conversion and other needed manipulations.


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RAW Processing

Overall professional RAW conversion for any equipment. Pre-press, styling, covering mistakes and troubles.


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Accessories, devices, crockery etc.

Full package. Products of any shape and material, including glass and reflective surfaces. Clipping path, dust, scratches, blemishes removal, correction of blinks, shape and color. Improvement of clarity and attractiveness. Shadow adding.

Payments depending on the frequency of the work and starting from $0.30 per image.

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Special conditions on large batches and recurring orders. Send the request to get a quote, Free Trial and retoucher’s consultation in less than 24 hrs.

Clothes, fashion

Any fabric, fur, lace and wedding dresses. Clipping path, shape and color correction, dust removal etc. Retouching of standalone clothes and model photo sessions, including model retouching. Photo editing with ‘ghost mannequin’ effect, merge of front and neck parts of the clothes into one three-dimensional photo.

Average price for 50 photos is – $2 per photo (without model retouching).

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Real estate retouching

Unnecessary objects removal, landscape and sky improvement, adding of overall attractiveness, correction of flaws and blemishes, alignment. Combining of several photos into one.

Each project is quoted individually. Send the request to get a quote and free consultation.

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Car retouching

Alignment and improvement of all surfaces and blinks, adding clarity, individual color correction for various car parts of different materials of a car. Redraw of windows, shadow adding, background changing.

Starts at $20 per shot. Please, request a quote.

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Contact for Bulk package or Choose Specific Category. 

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Placing an Order

1. Just send us your photo and instructions via our contact form or email or use WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing large/multiple files with us. No account needed. We respect your privacy and never publish or outsource your photos to any third parties.

2. We give you a no-obligation price quote.

3. Once you accept the price quote, we’ll send you an invoice or a PayPal payment link.

4. After receiving your payment, we’ll notify you by email and start processing your order. Orders are processed Monday through Friday. However, we’re ready to accommodate rush orders.

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Custom Offer

Do you need a price estimate first to see if our services meet your budget?
Please provide us with as much detail as possible, and we’ll create a custom offer made just for you.


Have a Question? Visit Our FAQ PAGE Please feel Free to contact with us.

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