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What is Photomontage & Photo Manipulation?

Photomontage & Image manipulation is technique for combining two or more photographs into a single composite photo. Many times an artist uses photo manipulation to turn his imaginary thoughts into reality. The designer tries to make a picture come real by combining different pictures as per his choice.

I think that many people are unfamiliar with the word montage because the word collage, which has a similar meaning, is more commonly used .

The history of painting collage is very old, and it seems that the famous painter “Picasso” started it. This latter technique is often called “compositing” by experts and “photoshop” (from the name of a popular software system) in casual usage. Compositing related photographs to expand the field of view of a single scene or subject is not classified as a montage. photomontage Photo manipulation is a process where a photograph is modified in some way that can be quite subtle or quite dramatic. While these types of changes were often accomplished through physical alterations to the negative or print of an image in the past, improvements in technology have made the use of computers much more common.  

Photomontage History

Oliver Grau, in his book Virtual Art: Illusion to Immersion, states that the creation of artificially immersive virtual reality resulting from the technological application of new inventions has long been a long-standing practice of mankind. I’m here. The diorama-like environment was made up of composite images. The first mid-Victorian photomontages (called combination prints) followed the images of photographer Henry Peach Robinson, such as Oscar Rejlander’s “The Two Ways of Life” (1857) and later “Fading Away” (1858). hand, . These works challenge the vitality of the vibrant painting and performing arts. Fantasy photo montage postcards were popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Prominent producers of this period were the Bamforh Company, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and New York. But it wasn’t until World War I that photographers from France, England, Germany, Austria, and Hungary shot postcards showing soldiers to their loved ones, wives, children, family members, or parents that one plane became popular. , to another. Many of the early examples of fine art photomontage consisted of photographic elements superimposed on watercolors, and were brought back by George Grosz around 1915. In 1916, John Hartfield and George Gros experimented with glued together photographs. It is a kind of art later named “photomontage”. George Grosz writes: “Neither of us had great potential when we invented photomontage with John Hartfield in my Southend studio one May morning in 1916. Take it often in your life.” As it happens, we found a vein of gold without knowing it. John Hartfield and George Groz were members of the Berlin Club Dada (1916-1920). The German Dadism school helped create a montage to the modern art form. The term “photomontage” became popular around 1918 or 1919, at the end of World War I.


Photomontage Use For Book Cover

Hartfield used photomontage extensively in his innovative book dust jackets for the Berlin publisher Malik-Verlag. He revolutionized the look of these book covers. Hartfield was the first to use photomontage to tell the “story” of a book from front to back. He employed groundbreaking typography to enhance the impact. From 1930 to 1938 John Hartfield used photomontage to create 240 “Nazi-era photomontages” for using art as a weapon against fascism and the Third Reich. Heartfield, who lived in Berlin until April 1933, fled to Czechoslovakia after he was the target of an SS assassination. Continuing to make anti-fascist art in Czechoslovakia until 1938, Hartfield’s political photomontages ranked fifth on the Gestapo’s most wanted list. Other major artists who were key members of the Berlin Club Dada and Photomontage were Hannah Höch, Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann and Johannes Baader. Individual photographs, joined together to create new subjects or visual images, are powerful tools for the Dadis protesting the First World War and the interests they believe influenced the war. turned out to be. Photomontage survived Dada and was a technique inherited and used by European surrealists such as Salvador Dali. Its influence also spread to Japan, where avant-garde painter Harue Koga created photomontage-style paintings based on images culled from magazines. In 1931, the world’s first photomontage retrospective was held in Germany. Founded in Europe, “photo collage” refers to large-scale, ambitious works that include typography, brushstrokes, and objects attached to photomontages.


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