Why do you need Adobe Photoshop Service?

Adobe Photoshop Services is a feature of Adobe Creative Cloud that allows you to access and edit your Photoshop files from any device, anywhere. It also lets you collaborate with other users, share your work, and sync your settings across different platforms.

Even those who have nothing to do with design and photography know about it. Adobe Photoshop is perhaps the most popular graphics editor, whose name has become a household name. In colloquial speech, to photoshop means to improve an image, not only in the Adobe program, but also in any other application.

We tell you what opportunities this editor provides, what tools help in implementing various ideas.


What is “Photoshop”


Adobe Photoshop is a program primarily designed for creating and editing raster images. That is, pictures consisting of many small colored dots – pixels. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics are recorded in the computer memory as a set of formulas that control geometric shapes. For vector images, Adobe has another product – Illustrator.

Photoshop appeared back in 1987, then it was called Display. The application was developed by American student Thomas Noll, and a year later the rights to the graphic editor were bought by Adobe Systems. The first program was compatible with the Mac operating system. Today, Photoshop also works on devices with Windows and iPadOS; there are simplified versions for Android and Windows Phone.

Modern Photoshop cannot be purchased forever. Adobe offers to subscribe to the program and receive regular updates. Despite the paid access, the editor remains one of the most popular among designers, photographers, and artists. What exactly are they doing with Photoshop? Let’s get a look!

Main areas of work


Creating and editing raster images, as we wrote above, are the main tasks that specialists and amateurs solve with the help of the program. Photoshop has many tools for these tasks. Their diversity distinguishes the program from simpler analogues. We will mention important tools for each direction. We also note that almost always, when working in the editor, you will be dealing with layers: adjusting, drawing, and composing a picture from fragments of other images.

Photoshop Photo Editing


Photoshop is one of the most popular and powerful photo editing software in the world. It is used by professional photographers, designers, artists, and hobbyists to create stunning images, artworks, and graphics. Photoshop has many features and tools that can help you enhance, retouch, manipulate, and transform your photos. Some of the benefits of using Photoshop for photo editing are:

Photoshop Photo Editing
Photoshop Photo Editing

Essential tools for photo editing


  • You can work with layers, masks, filters, gradients, and other advanced tools to adjust the colors, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and details of your photos.
  • You can use the healing brush, clone stamp, content-aware fill, and other tools to remove unwanted objects, blemishes, or distractions from your photos.
  • You can use the crop, transform, warp, liquify, and other tools to change the shape, size, perspective, and distortion of your photos.
  • You can use the text, shape, brush, and other tools to add text, logos, shapes, patterns, and effects to your photos.
  • You can use the Camera Raw filter, Neural filters, and other tools to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to your photos, such as changing the facial expressions, age, hair, or background of your subjects.
  • You can use the smart objects, smart filters, adjustment layers, and other tools to work non-destructively, meaning you can edit your photos without losing the original quality or data.
  • You can use the actions, presets, plugins, and other tools to automate, customize, and enhance your workflow and productivity.

Photoshop is widely regarded as the industry standard for photo editing, and it has a large and active community of users, tutorials, and resources.

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Photoshop Photo Manipulation


By combining elements of various images, you can create a banner for social networks, a playbill or a poster in Photoshop. For these purposes (if the “photo manipulation” is not very detailed), Adobe Illustrator is also suitable, then the picture will turn out to be vector, it will weigh less, and it will be easier to scale. But, if you are going to use fragments of photographs, it is more convenient to work in Photoshop. You should give it preference if you are going to do a photo montage – combining frames to create a realistic image (the one about which people will write in the comments: “This is Photoshop!”).

Photoshop Manipulation
Photoshop Manipulation


Helper tools:


“Regions”, “lasso”, “magic wand”, “feather” highlight different parts of the picture. If you just need to capture half of the photo, take “areas”, if you want to carefully select a complex object – a “feather”. Marked fragments can be cut, copied, transformed, recolored, etc.

“Text” is useful for banners and posters. In Photoshop, inscriptions are created using a variety of fonts, and the inscriptions are given various shapes. For example, the text can be sent in a circle.

All the tools listed in the previous paragraphs are also likely to be useful.

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Photoshop Photo Retouching 


Adobe Photoshop allows you to enhance your photography. For example, change it minimally – fix the “littered” horizon, crop it so that the composition becomes more harmonious, add brightness and contrast. You can also carry out more global work: retouch the photo, removing unnecessary elements from it, for example, a trash can that accidentally fell into the frame, or bring the subject of the portrait to perfection. For publication in the media, official social networks, for advertising banners (online and offline), photographs are usually retouched.

Photoshop Photo Retouching
Photoshop Photo Retouching

What tools are used? Here are some of them:


  • “Frame” will help you rotate the picture, crop it, and add additional fields.

  • “Curves” allow you to change the brightness and contrast of the image, as well as remove unnecessary shades. The tool is presented in the form of a graph with X and Y axes and a line on it. By moving the line up, you can increase the brightness of the picture; by moving it down, you can make the image darker; by bending the curve with the letter S, you can reduce or increase the contrast. Working in different color channels, you can add or remove one or another shade.

  • Vibrance makes the colors in the image more saturated. Just move the slider.

  • “Healing brushes” help remove unnecessary things from a picture. A regular brush restores a fragment of a photo taking into account the selected area. Spot brush – takes into account the background of the selected area.

  • “Stamp” – it is used to copy part of the image and paste it in a new place.

  • “Patch” selects a fragment in the picture and replaces it with another area. So, for example, you can remove a cloud, replacing it with a section of clear sky.

  • “Color Replacement” – a special brush allows you to recolor objects in the image.

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Photoshop Illustrations


Photoshop can become a tool for an illustrator or artist. In the editor you can create a raster image of any complexity from scratch – from minimalist drawings to paintings that imitate paintings. By supplementing photos with drawn elements, authors create content, for example, for developing video games or for advertising.

Photoshop services
Photoshop Illustrations

What tools can be used?


  • “Brush” – many brushes do not limit your creativity! Their size, inclination and hardness of the stroke, color, transparency are regulated. There is an option to create your own brush.

  • “Shapes” – using this tool, you can easily draw various geometric shapes, arbitrary figures, and modify them at will.

  • Fill paints an area in an image with one color. You can select this color from the palette by finding it with an eyedropper in other pictures or by entering a code.

  • “Gradient” makes the background non-uniform, with a transition from one color to another. Transitions can be straight, radial, cone-shaped, mirror-shaped, diamond-shaped.

  • “Filters” will help you stylize the image and add effects.


Photoshop Mockups


They help the designer show the client how the layout will look on a physical medium, for example, how the print will appear on a mug or sweatshirt, what an advertising banner will look like on a clinic window, etc. Mockups are also made in special applications, but Photoshop allows you to create more subtle work without defects.

As with illustrations and photo manipulation, you’ll work with layers and use the tools we’ve already mentioned.

Photoshop services
Photoshop Mockups

What else is the program useful for? 


Previously, Adobe Photoshop was actively used in web design; some specialists still use it to create a website layout. But the editor’s interface is not tailored for this task, and the files turn out to be too “heavy”, so many people switched to other programs, for example Figma. You can draw vector pictures in Photoshop, but again this is rarely done, because… For vector graphics, there is a more convenient tool – Illustrator.

Another not very popular area when working with Photoshop is creating animation. For complex motion design, Adobe After Effects is more suitable, while Photoshop is useful for creating, for example, GIFs for social media. Each frame is placed in a separate layer, time intervals and display parameters are set for them.

In the editor you can make simple 3D objects (balls, cubes, rings), there are special tools for this, they allow you to rotate objects and illuminate them from different sides. For full-fledged 3D modeling, it is better to choose other programs.

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